FROM APRIL 12 TO 27, 2024

ENTER THE LEGEND Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc


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Organization in the field

300 organizers support the participants throughout the rally: race directors, classification managers, medical assistance pilots, communications teams, mechanics, refuellers, cooks, maneuvers…

Above all, the Rallye relies on a formidable logistical structure! A veritable nomadic village in the purest Moroccan style, moving with the event, it welcomes around 700 people every day and wakes up on the day of the prologue to never go to sleep.

It meets three objectives: 

  • Providing participants with a haven of peace, recuperation and rest after their ordeal.

  • Provide organizers with the technical resources they need to successfully carry out their mission

  • Ensuring the best possible working conditions for journalists and communications teams

A clean bivouac 

The environment has always been at the heart of our concerns. The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc has been built and developed with the constant aim of preserving the natural sites of the countries it crosses, while respecting local populations. On the bivouac, waste is sorted, recycled or incinerated. Appropriate waste management ensures that the desert remains clean and preserved.


Substantial technical and human resources

Sporting management and safety are two essential pillars of the Rally.
As such, considerable human and technical resources are deployed to meet the quality objectives set.

To guarantee total safety for the Gazelles, the organization equips each vehicle with two safety systems:


    Since 2001, the organization has been using a satellite security system (IRITRACK technology). This enables the organization to follow each crew live 24 hours a day, ensuring optimum safety. This equipment has been tried and tested on rallies for several years.

This technology has several advantages:

  • It is extremely effective in terms of sturdiness and reliable in terms of information transmission.
  • It allows Gazelles to issue medical or mechanical alerts during their stage, which are immediately received by the organization.
  • Crews can contact the organization directly at any time.

    To ensure complete safety, the organization provides participants with an additional safety system, ready to take over in the event of iritrack malfunction. The SARSAT beacon is a distress device used in aviation, the navy, sporting events… all over the world.

    Numerous satellite and radio resources are in place to ensure communications between the organization and the gazelles, and with the rest of the world (50 radios, 8 VHF relays, 40 satellite telephones).

mechanical assistance

Mechanical assistance is common to all team, on the ground, during the stages and at the bivouac in the evening. This is one of the specificities of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles. No other assistance team is allowed on the event.


    In case of mechanical problems, each team can call for the assistance of the organization that intervenes as soon as possible. This assistance is accompanied by penalty points.


    Throughout the event, a «bivouac mechanical workshop» takes charge of the vehicles. The crew carries out a check-up with the person in charge of the mechanical workshop in order to specify the necessary maintenance or repair. No penalty points are applied for bivouac interventions.

Structured around important technical means, this mechanical workshop ensures daily maintenance and repair of all vehicles.