There is no selection process for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles.
The Rallye is for novices but it does also attract some professional drivers.

Every year, 75% of teams are taking on the adventure for the very first time.


In addition to being in good physical and mental health, you will need the following preparation

  • Navigation
    Our organization provides mandatory navigation training in order to ensure that all new Gazelles receive the same high-quality preparation. Over the course of a weekend, you will cover the theory and practice of land navigation. “Old-school” navigation will hold no more secrets for you !

  • Driving
    Off-road driving training (theory and practice) is strongly recommended. The organization can help you find a reliable driving school or instructor.

  • Mechanics
    The Rallye requires a basic knowledge of mechanics. You will need to know your vehicle and be able to change a tire, control tire pressure, check fluid levels. The rest is provided by our mechanics and included with the registration fee.


Like 40% of teams, you can compete with your personal vehicle. The necessary modifications are simple. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Team Contact for more information.

  • You can rent a vehicle

    Renting a prepped vehicle is the easiest option, as it provides a “turnkey” solution. It will cost around 7,000 Euros to rent a fully equipped 4X4 vehicle with insurance. The addresses of some good rental companies can be found in the Participation Guide.

  • You can borrow a vehicle

    The most common scenario is a loan from a garage, car dealer or manufacturer in exchange for advertising space on the vehicle.