Coeur de Gazelles celebrated 10 years of existence in 2011.

Sharing and solidarity are two very real values shared by the Gazelles.

These values represent a driving force rather than an end in themselves. In this regard, the Rallye and its Gazelles have no desire to be described as a “humanitarian Rallye”.

The Rallye puts its strength and its image to the service of all through the Coeur de Gazelles, a registered non-profit organization in existence since 2001. This Rallye is a useful rally.

Coeur de Gazelles works in collaboration with the Moroccan Government on projects whose importance has been evaluated and analysed.

As a result, several project areas have been defined:

  • Medical: providing access to medical care for the populations living in the remote areas of Morocco,
  • Helping children: Orphanage: building a better life for the most vulnerable; helping the children of Morocco to grow up in the best possible conditions,
  • Education: fighting illiteracy; building schools,
  • Environment - Sustainable development: increasing awareness through education; helping with sustainable development,
  • Reintegrating single women into the workforce: through income-generating projects,
  • Improving the quality of daily life: through donations of clothing, shoes, personal hygiene products,
  • And last of all, making children happy: through gifts of toys.

Coeur de Gazelles is supported by the Moroccan Ministry for the Family, Solidarity and Social Development and the Moroccan Ministry of Health.

Coeur de Gazelles projects for the last 3 years:

Medical: The Medical Caravan, sponsored by TOTAL

- 20,000 consultations (General Medicine, Paediatrics, Gynaecology and Optometry),
- 3 births,
- 31 Trachoma operations,
- 3 mammograms submitted for follow-up,
- 92 doctors have provided their services,
- 1,900 people have received corrective eyeglasses,
- 37 handicapped people have been referred to appropriate care facilities,
- 4 metric tons of medical equipment have been given to local hospitals (wheelchairs, consultation tables...).

Helping children:

- Providing financial support for the Darna Orphanage in Essaouira, home to 58 children including 22 babies.
- Supporting BAYTI Association: 15,000 Euros for street children.

- Ibeyd Nomad School: operational since January 15th 2010 providing education for 25 children,
- Construction of a school (Madrassa) in Tamsguidat,

- 100 bicycles have been given to girls who had to walk 14 km every day to get to school. They also received road safety training (in partnership with AZEKKA France Maroc).

Providing jobs for single women:
- Construction of a weaving workshop and purchase of thread. 25 women in the village of Boudib are now able to make a living in the workshop,
- Support for "Solidarité Féminine" association: social and professional reintegration of 10 women in Casablanca by providing training in traditional Moroccan cuisine,
- Operation
"Getting Women off the Streets" ("Sortir les femmes de la rue") in Ouarzazate, by training them in pottery and Moroccan cuisine, is in the process of being implemented.

Sustainable development:
- Construction of a well in Nejjakh, providing access to clean water and sparing the village population from the daily 4 km walk to the nearest water source
Construction of a well in Taouz surroundings.
- Construction of a well in Foum Zguid

Improving the quality of daily life:
- Thanks to the generosity of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles participants, 15 metric tons of donations have been collected for Morocco's most needy populations. Distribution of warm clothing for winter, children's shoes, personal hygiene products and toys.
- Seeking financing for the purchase of solar lamps for the Nomads.