ESSAOUIRA, Official Arrival - Saturday 2d April

ESSAOUIRA: Official Arrival

The Gazelles’ Official Arrival will take place under a brilliant sun, to the sound of enthusiastic applause from the crowd.
Rallye organizers, guests and officials will gather on the magnificent Essaouira beach, along with friends and family who have made the trip to be there to greet and congratulate their “Gazelle”.
The general ranking is now official and available on the website. The Gazelles will bid a fond farewell to the sand on this sun-soaked beach.

The 150 members of the organization will form a “guard of honour” to welcome the Gazelles to the prize giving ceremony of this 21st edition. The Gazelles will each be called up on the stage by Dominique Serra to receive a trophy. The evening will end on a festive note with dancing and music...

In just a few hours, all of these Gazelles will begin the trip home, full of images and memories, and, deep in their pockets, last traces of sand from the Moroccan desert… This desert that promises to be there again next year to greet a new group of Gazelles who will, in their turn, attempt to tame it…