Speaking with the Gazelles

The American team is ready to go!

Team 120 - Christine and Delphine: Pure enjoyment

Christine and Delphine are no newcomers to the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles: this is Christine's 4th participation and Delphine's 3rd, their second time together as a team. "I met Delphine at the Rallye two years ago... we keep coming back because this is an event that we really enjoy; and we hope that this 20th anniversary will be even more fun than usual. Even though it means months of work looking for sponsors, the result is completely worth it: pure enjoyment." explains Christine.

The hunt for checkpoints is the stuff the Rallye is made of. But for Team 120 – Greentech, reaching those elusive red flags has an added meaning. For every CP they find, the Ligue contre le Cancer will present a cancer victim with a gift basket containing everything she needs to feel more comfortable and better about herself. With this added motivation, Team 120 is aiming for a perfect score!

A Lucky Flower

Virginie and Caroline (Team 152 - Du Pareil Au Même) are glowing: surrounded by the crowd gathered for the briefing before the official launch in Sète, they admit to being "really excited" to be taking part in the Rallye and appear remarkably calm, considering that this is their first participation.

And the cherry on the sundae: they just found Julie and Solenn (Team 189 - Unilever), another pair of novices whom they met during the compulsory navigation training.  "The guesthouse was extremely welcoming. The hostess gave us a sprig of mimosa, which we both keep carefully in our vehicles; it's our lucky charm!".

No competition between these teams at the moment: just a friendly camaraderie between competitors. Good luck!