Maïenga présent au 16ème Salon Tout-Terrain de Valloire du 23 au 24 août

Daily Report

Official start in Meknès

A powerful symbol, a confident gesture. Today, precisely at 14:50, the Wali of Meknès officially signalled the start of the 19th edition of the Rallye Aïcha des gazelles du Maroc, with a wave of the Moroccan flag, instead of the usual pennant.

In the starting block, the rally's minority category (motorbike/quad) rev their engines. Dozens of 4WDs respond with honking horns. The deafening noise adds to the festive mood of the Gazelles... 

Last day of preparations in Meknès

The excitement in the air, like the volume of the music, increased as the day progressed on this Tuesday in Meknes. In the cool early morning – to the sound of Dalida! - organizers and Gazelles met at the Winery Castel Estates, some twenty kilometres east of the city, for one last day of preparations before heading to the desert in the afternoon...

From Tangiers to Meknès

After spending two hours dealing with customs and paperwork, the Gazelles finally set foot on Moroccan soil. On their first day in the country, they covered the 300 km from Tangiers to Meknès.

Starting out along the Atlantic coast before heading east and inland, the participants finally reached their hotels in Meknes in the early evening...