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<![CDATA[Coeur de Gazelles video 2016]]>65102016-06-08T12:13:51-04:00http://www.rallyeaichadesgazelles.com/uploads/images/size1/nouvelle_a_la_une/Capture01.JPGDiscover the actions of Coeur de Gazelles in this 12 minute-video filmed during the 26th edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles.
We would like to thank all of our volunteers and our loyal partners for their generous support.

Coeur de Gazelles RAG 2016 12min by Rallye-Aicha-des-Gazelles]]>
<![CDATA[Information meeting Saturday June 25 in Avignon, France]]>65092016-06-08T11:53:20-04:00http://www.rallyeaichadesgazelles.com/uploads/images/size1/nouvelle_a_la_une/IMG_20150704_130804.jpg
1:00 pm - 2.5 hours of general information: how to prepare for the event, finding sponsors, detailed program for next year's edition of the Rallye. Get answers to all your questions!

3:30 pm - visit the different information booths for a more in-depth look at various aspects of the Rallye: vehicle rental (5 rental companies will be present), off-road driving training (5 driving instructors will be present), introduction to navigation (maps and compass) (navigation instructors will be present), insurance (an insurance company will be present), finding sponsors,...

Click here to reserve your place!

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Registrations are open for the 27th edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles!

If you register before August 31, 2016, your safety equipment rental will be absolutely FREE (a value of 1,223 euros).

Don't wait: register before the end of August!!!

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2016 overall winners - Quad/Motorbike Class

1st: Team 27 - Betty KRAFT and Sonia BAUDOIN-GUERARD (POLARIS France)

rag160325_leg2_eri_020197.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_1.jpg


2nd: Team 21 - Corinne PERON and Valérie DOT (GROUPE NICOLLIN)

rag160331_leg6_jlg_030167.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030154.jpg


3rd: Team 20 - Maria Victoria GIRALDO and Catherine KERAMIDAS (EIFFAGE)

rag160328_leg4_jul_020197.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030155.jpg

2016 overall winners - 4x4/Truck Class

1st: Team 179 - Régine  ZBINDEN and Ela STEINER (JEEP)

rag160324_leg1_jlg_1.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030309_resize.jpg



rag160331_leg6_jlg_1.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030286_resize.jpg


3rd: Team 107 - Jo Hannah HOEHN and Susanah HOEHN (HOEHN MOTORS)

rag160325_leg2_nic_020060.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030288_resize.jpg

2016 overall winners - Crossover Class

1st: Team 318 - Viola  HERMANN and Vanessa WAGNER (MERCEDES BENZ VANS)

rag160325_leg2_eri_2.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030317_resize.jpg


2nd: Team 323 - Céline VÉGA-ROÏATTI and Sophie FABRI (SAINT HONORE)

rag160325_leg2_nic_1.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030160_resize.jpg


3rd: Team 320 - Bianca MANZ and Alexandra JANSEN (MERCEDES BENZ VANS)

rag160328_leg4_nic_020082.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030159_resize.jpg

2016 overall winners - Expert Class

1st: Team 407 - Sylvie FRECHES and Carole MONTILLET (SAINT HONORE)

rag160331_leg6_nic_2.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030324_resize.jpg


2nd: Team 438 - Hélène GRAND'EURY and Charlotte ZUCCONI (STATION DE VAL THORENS)

rag160328_leg4_jlg_020118.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_2.jpg


3rd: Team 477 - Camille BERCHON and Anne-Perrine BALESTIER (GROUPE BR MOTORS)

rag160331_leg6_eri_020292.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030301_resize.jpg

2016 overall winners - First Participation Class

4x4/Truck Class: 201  (EJOB MR SIMON MICKAEL) with Sylvia THOUVENIN and Karina THOUVENIN

rag160324_leg1_jul_050066.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030284_resize.jpg


Crossover Class: 320 (MERCEDES-BENZ VANS) with Bianca MANZ and Alexandra JANSEN

rag160331_leg6_jlg_050044.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030159_resize_2.jpg

Peradotto Beauty Car Challenge

1st prize: 100% the registration fee for the 2017 edition: Team 196 - Fany LUMIERE and Ambre  PITAUD BOULATE (NB FINANCES & PATRIMOINE)


2nd prize: A €7,000 discount on the registration fee for the 2017 edition: Team 134 - Valérie TURGON and Carole LABALTE (SAS PIERRE COTTE)


3rd prize: A €3,000 discount on the registration fee for the 2017 edition: Team 133 - Stéphanie REGNARD and Vanessa JOBARD (DOMITYS)




<![CDATA[The 26th edition is over...]]>59432016-03-23T04:34:03-04:00http://www.rallyeaichadesgazelles.com/uploads/images/size1/image_text/WeTransfer_rag1_redim680.png

See videos, photos and daily summaries of the 26th edition on our live website !
<![CDATA[The Rallye des Gazoux]]>58292016-03-15T23:01:05-04:00http://www.rallyeaichadesgazelles.com/uploads/images/size1/image_text/cerutti.jpg
Every year at the start of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc, a number of men ask: "Why not us?"

We put the idea to the test in 2010 with professional rally-race motorcycle pilot David Casteu and renowned navigator and explorer Eric Loizeau.

So we say, indeed, gentlemen, why not you?

Think of it: a Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles… but for men: the Rallye des Gazoux is born!

Is your sense of orientation as good as a Gazelle's?

The 1st edition is planned for… 2017 - Who is ready to rise to the challenge?

Our 1st competitor: Vincent Cerutti !

For more information, send us an e-mail at l.wiss@maienga.com
<![CDATA[LOL AND RUN… JUNE 4 2016!]]>57592015-12-14T09:49:52-05:00http://www.rallyeaichadesgazelles.com/uploads/images/size1/nouvelle_a_la_une/lol2016_01.jpg
A unique adventure for women, LOL and Run is a day of amusing challenges and activities in the heart of Provence: hours of hilarity, epic memories and good fun! The event will be followed by a free concert until 1:00 a.m.

Registration: 46 euros instead of 65! 1 euro per registration will be given to the REVES foundation.

And as an added bonus: participants are entered in a raffle for a chance to win their registration fees for the 2017 edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles
Visit our website: www.lolandrun.com

<![CDATA[One of the Top 10 must-do adventures for women!]]>57402015-11-13T00:42:46-05:00The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles has been listed by Lonely Planet as one of the TOP 10 must-do Adventures for women!