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For the past 5 years, Heart of Gazelles has been assessing and responding to the real needs of the Moroccan people.

Thanks to all of our Gazelles, for helping us to get close to the local Moroccan populations!

If you want to support Heart of Gazelles:

- 2013 Gazelles:

During the 2013 Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, we will be distributing donations to the populations of the villages.
The 2013 "Gazelles" are invited to take part... Help us by collecting donations that will be distributed along the Rallye.
We ask you to bring your donations with you to Morocco, where we will collect and sort them and prepare them for distribution.

Important information:
His Majesty King Mohammed VI launched the "1 million schoolbags" campaign 3 years ago.
All primary and public secondary school students, in both urban and rural areas, were given a schoolbag containing all of the school supplies and books they needed.

Heart of Gazelles asks questions about donating - do you?

"Inappropriateness: donated items rarely meet the real needs of the people"
Why should we not bring school supplies? 3 years ago, His Majesty the King Mohammed VI launched the operation "1 million schoolbags". All students attending a public primary or secondary school, in both urban and rural areas, receive a schoolbag containing all of the school supplies and books they need for their studies.

"A different way to give: moving from donations to partnership - building a real relationship through educational and cultural exchange... Doing away with the cliché of the European who arrives in the village with a bag of school supplies."
Heart of Gazelles, registered charity organization, knows Morocco well, and works in collaboration with the Moroccan Ministry of Health, the Moroccan Ministry for Family, Solidarity and Social Development, and the National Mutual Aid Office. The population's needs are carefully calculated and evaluated, and Heart of Gazelles responds to these needs.

"Finding alternatives: working directly with the local people to help them initiate a process of economic development"
Heart of Gazelles helps those in need through job creation and training programs, providing them with their own source of income.

"I am not giving directly to the people. My donations are made through an organization."
You are taking part in a sports event. We would ask everyone participating in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles not to encourage begging. While giving something directly to a child may make you feel good, it will have a harmful effect on the child's vision of the world. He or she will continue to beg, and will engage in dangerous behaviour by trying to stop other passing vehicles…

Heart of Gazelles would like to thank you all for your valuable help and support.