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Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles

La référence féminine depuis 1990


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The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is the only rally-raid that offers 9 days of competition, completely off-road.

Your registration fees include the following:
-    Registration for the pilot, co-pilot and vehicle
-    Fuel
during the competition
-    All meals during the competition plus the travelling bivouac
-    Mechanical assistance (provided by 32 qualified mechanics)
-    Satellite tracking of all teams for optimal safety
-    Medical assistance (emergency doctors & medical helicopter)
-    Motor sports event liability insurance
-    Repatriation insurance for the team
-    The prize giving ceremony and gala evening in Essaouira (hotel included)
Carbon offsetting for your vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions for the duration of the event, with Yann Arthus Bertrand’s Action Carbone association.

le système de suivi par satellite des équipages pour une aventure hors-piste en toute sécurité,
 - l'assistance médicale (médecins urgentistes & hélicoptère d'intervention),
 - l'assurance RC Manifestation Sportive à Moteur,
 - l'assurance rapatriement de l'équipage,
 - la remise des prix et la soirée de gala à Essaouira (hôtel inclus), - See more at: http://www.rallyeaichadesgazelles.com/fr/Devenir+Gazelle/budget#sthash.CuMfzdcl.dpuf

Registration fees:

14,800 Euros for team of 2 women – Category:  4WD, Crossover, truck.

Your registration fees include:

The 15-day event including 9 days of actual competition in Morocco, completely OFF-ROAD (not including transport).

Sporting management:

  • Study and development of the course each year – a team of 15 spends 3 weeks designing the course in Morocco.
  • Provision of topographic maps.
  • During the event, daily calculation and posting of the rankings. Ranking software is used; rankings are put on-line rapidly for internetusers.

300 organizers “on location” to look after you during the event, and 15 full-time organizers who prepare the event throughout the year

Unfailing security system, with 24 hour a day surveillance using an Iritrack system (able to locate your vehicle by satellite in real time), backed up by a Sarsat distress flare

Mechanical assistance - 32 mechanics check and repair your vehicle day and night (usually, a good personal mechanics team costs about 7,000 Euros for a 9-day rally)

Medical assistance (5 doctors, 2 nurses, 2 osteopath, a medical helicopter… a real “Gazelles Clinic”, providing quality medical care and a friendly ear…)

Sporting event liability insurance for event organisers. All motor sport events are required by law to take out this type of insurance (and not a simple travel insurance which does not cover damages for this type of activity)

The repatriation insurance during the event for both participants

Fuel during the competition (usually, other rallies charge between 2 and 4 euros per litre of fuel)

The bivouac for the 9 days of competition, in the middle of the desert, with hot showers and toilets (80 people set up and take down the traveling bivouac: 500m² restaurant tent, 3 press tents,  2 “Gazelles Clinic” tents with beds, a relaxation tent... Because of its event-related nature, a bivouac is three times more expensive than a hotel)

Complete board during the competition (traditional Moroccan meals, tea, coffee, Moroccan pastries served in a Berber tent)

Water (usually water has to paid for in a rally)

The technical and administrative verifications day (including lunch)

The prize giving celebrations at the official finish in Essaouira, Morocco: luxury hotel accommodation, prize giving ceremony on the beach, closing night dinner and party in the big tent on the Saturday night

The possibility of locating and following each team in real time on a map, accessible on the Rallye’s website (www.rallyeaichadesgazelles.com)

7 professional photographers driving all over the desert to obtain quality photos of your team

20 people producing video footage and putting together a film for the “Gazelles”...

18 press vehicles for the 100 journalists on location...

Telephone booths in the middle of the desert, with a reasonable rate

Free email service every evening: receive printouts of the messages you receive from your friends and sponsors, and send messages yourself

A Team Sheet on the website including a list of sponsors for each team

Carbon offsetting for your vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions for the duration of the event, (from departure from France to arrival in France) with Yann Arthus Bertrand’s Action Carbone association

A "multipocket" vest created exclusively for the Rallye

No unpleasant surprises during the event – the financial conditions are clearly defined from the outset. There are no extra charges.

The registration fees do not include:

The vehicle and vehicle insurance, vehicle rental with unlimited mileage and insurance (jack and pump included) – about 6,500 Euros,

Transportation of competitors and vehicles to and from the event: ferry (about 1,100 Euros); fuel from your town of departure and back, plus for travel within Morocco (Tangiers to Erfoud and Essaouira to Tangiers) about 300 Euros; tolls...,

Rental of security system equipment (Sarsat flare and tracking system – about 1,100 Euros tax included),

Compulsory safety equipment (helmet, tents, sleeping bags… about 600 Euros),

Navigation tools (about 70 Euros),

Compulsory navigation training session for new Gazelles (600 Euros for 2 persons including hotel and meals),

4WD driving training in France (about 600 Euros for 2 days for 2 persons).

A mandatory visa to subscribe to the Moroccan Royal Federation of motorsports. Payment by check to the Federation in the amount of €50 (vehicle, driver and co-pilot).

The total budget per team (2 persons) comes to about 25,500 Euros.

To download the list of what is included with the Rallye registration fees:
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