Essaouira: Awards Ceremony

Final curtain: the Roaring Twenties!

This year's Rallye drew to an end on a festive and joyful note.

At 7:30, Gazelles and their spouses, organizers, partners and officials filled the marquee tent to enjoy one final evening together.
Evening gowns, heels, costumes, feathers and sequins were the order of the evening as many guests went all out for the evening's theme, the Roaring Twenties.


GAZELLES TV 2016 - Essaouira

An enchanted interlude before the gala!

After the excitement of the prize-giving ceremony, the Gazelles have the afternoon off to explore the lively medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After the frenzied rhythm of the past two weeks, the Gazelles have more than earned this enchanted interlude: a chance to unwind, do a little shopping and bathe in Moroccan culture. A labyrinth of cobbled streets, alleyways with tiny colourful shops and snow white buildings with blue painted doors beckon. Aromas of pastries, spices, fish and orange blossoms fill the air. The smiles of the Moroccans are contagious.

Come nightfall, the Gazelles will be the queens of the Gala, trading in their green Rallye vests and dusty boots for more feminine attire. The evening will feature a gourmet dinner in the presence of André Azoulay, Senior Advisor to his Majesty the King; Jamal Mokhtatar, Governor of Essaouira; and the Rallye partners who make it possible for the Rallye to enjoy continuing success year after year. The Gala also has a few surprises in store including video presentations, live entertainment and dancing.

Red carpet for the Gazelles

On the edge of the medina by the Essaouira harbour, a large black and white marquee tent awaits the Gazelles.

This tent will soon host the prize-giving ceremony, in the presence of a number of distinguished guests including the Governor of Essaouira and André Azoulay, Senior Advisor to His Majesty King Mohammed VI. A final sound check is performed as Bruno Vandestick, well-known radio/TV announcer from Mans, France, warms up his voice in preparation for presenting the ceremonies. 
Trophies and partner gifts are carefully lined up along long trestle tables. A section of reserved seats are labelled with the names of Rallye partners: representatives from Kraftwerk-who supplied all the tools for the mechanics workshops throughout the Rallye-, Gan Assurances, Les Conserves de Meknes (Aïcha), VSD magazine, Eaux Minérales d’Oulmès, Continental and Saint-Honoré take their places as the organizers line up to form a lively guard of honour to pay tribute to the Gazelles who showed such courage, tenacity and ability to adapt throughout their great adventure in the desert.


2016 overall winners - Expert Class

1st: Team 407 - Sylvie FRECHES and Carole MONTILLET (SAINT HONORE)

rag160331_leg6_nic_2.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030324_resize.jpg


2nd: Team 438 - Hélène GRAND'EURY and Charlotte ZUCCONI (STATION DE VAL THORENS)

rag160328_leg4_jlg_020118.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_2.jpg


3rd: Team 477 - Camille BERCHON and Anne-Perrine BALESTIER (GROUPE BR MOTORS)

rag160331_leg6_eri_020292.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030301_resize.jpg

2016 overall winners - 4x4/Truck Class

1st: Team 179 - Régine  ZBINDEN and Ela STEINER (JEEP)

rag160324_leg1_jlg_1.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030309_resize.jpg



rag160331_leg6_jlg_1.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030286_resize.jpg


3rd: Team 107 - Jo Hannah HOEHN and Susanah HOEHN (HOEHN MOTORS)

rag160325_leg2_nic_020060.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030288_resize.jpg

2016 overall winners - Crossover Class

1st: Team 318 - Viola  HERMANN and Vanessa WAGNER (MERCEDES BENZ VANS)

rag160325_leg2_eri_2.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030317_resize.jpg


2nd: Team 323 - Céline VÉGA-ROÏATTI and Sophie FABRI (SAINT HONORE)

rag160325_leg2_nic_1.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030160_resize.jpg


3rd: Team 320 - Bianca MANZ and Alexandra JANSEN (MERCEDES BENZ VANS)

rag160328_leg4_nic_020082.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030159_resize.jpg

2016 overall winners - Quad/Motorbike Class

1st: Team 27 - Betty KRAFT and Sonia BAUDOIN-GUERARD (POLARIS France)

rag160325_leg2_eri_020197.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_1.jpg


2nd: Team 21 - Corinne PERON and Valérie DOT (GROUPE NICOLLIN)

rag160331_leg6_jlg_030167.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030154.jpg


3rd: Team 20 - Maria Victoria GIRALDO and Catherine KERAMIDAS (EIFFAGE)

rag160328_leg4_jul_020197.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030155.jpg


2016 overall winners - First Participation Class

4x4/Truck Class: 201  (EJOB MR SIMON MICKAEL) with Sylvia THOUVENIN and Karina THOUVENIN

rag160324_leg1_jul_050066.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030284_resize.jpg


Crossover Class: 320 (MERCEDES-BENZ VANS) with Bianca MANZ and Alexandra JANSEN

rag160331_leg6_jlg_050044.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030159_resize_2.jpg



Peradotto Beauty Car Challenge

1st prize: 100% the registration fee for the 2017 edition: Team 196 - Fany LUMIERE and Ambre  PITAUD BOULATE (NB FINANCES & PATRIMOINE)


2nd prize: A €7,000 discount on the registration fee for the 2017 edition: Team 134 - Valérie TURGON and Carole LABALTE (SAS PIERRE COTTE)


3rd prize: A €3,000 discount on the registration fee for the 2017 edition: Team 133 - Stéphanie REGNARD and Vanessa JOBARD (DOMITYS)



Moroccan Gaming and Sports Agency (MDJS): Winners of Leg 3

Leg 3 was sponsored by the Moroccan Gaming and Sports Agency (MDJS).

MDJS presented a trophy to the winners of this leg in the dunes.


- 4x4/Truck:  Team 107 - Jo hannah HOEHN and Susanah HOEHN (HOEHN MOTORS)

rag160327_leg3_nic_010163.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030288_resize_1.jpg


- Quad /Moto/SSV: Team 27 - Betty KRAFT and Sonia BAUDOIN-GUERARD (POLARIS France)

rag160328_leg4_chr_030062.jpg rag160402_essaouira_jlg_030145.jpg

- Crossover: Team 323 - Céline VÉGA-ROÏATTI and Sophie FABRI (SAINT HONORE)

rag160331_leg6_chr_020345.jpg copy-of-323_1.jpg





News flash - 07:30

Organizing the Gazelles parade along the beach in Essaouira is no simple matter.

Already at 7:00, the organizers were holding a briefing to confirm the final details.
From organizing the Gazelles at the far end of the beach to their arrival in front of the medina, each member of the organization has a precise role to play. Nothing is left up to chance.
At 8:45, after being lined up in groups, the Gazelles will drive the final few kilometres of this 2016 edition. The timing will need to be precise in order to avoid the rising tide!

This will be followed, at 10:30, by the prize-giving ceremony in the large marquee tent set up at the entrance to the medina.

Saturday April 2, 2016 - Ceremonial finish on the beach

Every year, the beach in Essaouira becomes the stage for a show that has become an event not to be missed: the ceremonial finish of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc.

It’s an emotional moment when Gazelles, organizers, guests, officials and supporters come together to celebrate the official arrival of the teams.

This final day of the Rallye is sure to be filled with emotion!

09:00Arrival on the beach, in front of M. Gallery Hotel
10:30 Prize giving ceremony of the 26th season of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc
2:30 to 3:00 Cœur de Gazelles medical caravan report in the presence of the caravan’s volunteers and organizers - M. Gallery Hotel
4:00 p.m. Inauguration of La Crèche des Petits Marins funded by Coeur de Gazelles et le Ster le Pâtissier.
7:30 – Closing dinner – private reception in a marquee tent – live entertainment and dancing.