Time for a gala evening

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The immense marquee tent, decorated by Only One, has taken up residence in its usual position at the edge of Essaouira's Medina, close to the port. This evening it will house 1400 people: Gazelles, family members, friends, sponsors, partners, dignitaries, Rallye organizers and journalists will come together at 19:30 to celebrate the end of this superb 22nd edition of the rallye Aïcha des at Gazelles du Maroc. Warm colours have been chosen for the occasion: chocolate brown highlighted by cream tablecloths, subdued lighting and giant screens adorning the walls. A sumptuous meal prepared by none other than the caterer of King Mohammed VI will be served by 140 waiters and 70 busboys, perfectly synchronized down to the last detail to ensure that none of the 140 tables is kept waiting!

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Tonight's Gala festivities are presented by Rallye creator Dominique Serra and Patrick Poivre d'Arvor. One of the highlights of the evening: the presentation of the Gazelles Attitude prize, awarded to the team that showed the most Gazelle spirit during the competition. After the votes of Gazelles and Organizers are tallied up, the winner is... Team 193! The two Gazelles will receive a radio portrait on Chérie FM as well as gifts from Chérie FM and La Poste! And now make way for tonight's entertainment: Inna Modja followed by a DJ to heat up the dance floor!



The Gazelles on M6, video 21

An emotional prizegiving celebration


After parading along the sunny beach of Essaouira, the Gazelles proceed to the immense marquee tent installed at the edge of the medina for this last day of festivities. There they are greeted by a guard of honour composed of members of the Organization; applause and cheering accompany them as they make their way to the rows of seats reserved for them in front of the stage. Before the prizegiving ceremony begins, a short film made up of images from this year's event pays homage to the Rallye's loyal partners, illustrating their involvement and commitment to the event and to women in general [...]


A personal victory for every Gazelle

One last drive through the sand awaits our Gazelles of this 22nd edition - this time, on the beach in Essaouira, across from the Sofitel Médina, between the port, the Medina and the seafront.


Video: winners of the 22nd edition

On the road to Essaouira!


The night was short for those who celebrated the end of the competition into the wee hours! Breakfast at 06:00, departure at 07:00 - a lazy morning by the standards of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc. Their vehicles packed, the Gazelles have set out for Essaouira in small groups. They will stop for lunch along the way to enjoy some flavourful local specialty - tajine anyone? The scenic 8-hour drive will take them through the Moroccan mountains and along the coast between Agadir and Essaouira. A kind of decompression chamber between the intense rhythm of the Rallye and the last day of festivities in Essaouira.