Stage 2

Sleeping outside of the bivouac tonight

...teams 103, 140, 154 and 314.



RALLYE NOTES: 141 has a broken engine


Team 141 (Sylvie DENNINGER and Prune SALTI - Sunnydream), who already experienced mechanical problems yesterday, is forced to withdraw from the competition due to a broken engine. The mechanical assistance team is on the scene and will tow the vehicle back at dawn.







Daily Report: cloudy with a chance of rain

The Sporting Director called it: the weather would take a turn for the worse. While yesterday ended up being sunny without a cloud in the sky, today is a different story. Under grey skies, the Gazelles set off on their 5 routes with 8 checkpoints to find




RALLYE NOTES 19:30 - mechanical problems


4 mechanical alerts are currently being dealt with. The Mechanical assistance team is on its way to help the Predator, 183 (Hélène DURAND and Sandrine BOROT - Tapir), who have been at a standstill for quite some time.  Team 154 (Nadège-Carole BOUBAG-MOUNDELET and Viveca-Scarlette ANDALETIA - Total) and Team 103 (Sophie SYLVESTRE and Annie-Claude PLANTE - Pic Bois Design) are at the foot of the Hammada du Guir cliffs, an insurmountable barrier between Morocco and Algeria. Team 141 (Sylvie DENNINGER and Prune SALTI - Sunnydream) have also broken down. The rest of the teams still out on the course are heading for the bivouac.





Maybe next time

Team 191 (Karine BENSOUSSAN and Elisa COHEN-SUISSA), representing Soleil Sucré (official Rallye sponsor and creator of this year's stunning pink vest) was disappointed to have to withdraw from the competition two days befiore the official start, for medical reasons. We wish them a speedy recovery!



Team 183 (Hélène DURAND and Sandrine BOROT - Tapir), the Predator, signalled a mechanical problem. The assistance team is on the scene









RALLYE NOTES 15:00 - Team 131 is back


The first team to get back to the bivouac after Leg 2, Quebec Team 131 (Audrey VERVILLE and Marie-Soleil BEAUDOIN - Diesel Bec), only reached two checkpoints but preferred to make an early day of it and save their energy for tomorrow's marathon leg.









RALLYE NOTES 14:00 - 134 will keep going


Team 134 (Julie GOLDSMAN and Isabelle GALARNEAU - TC Média)  has finally reached the bivouac, a little teary-eyed! Right to the end, they have been struggling to overcome a seemingly unending series of problems.


Somewhere around CP3, they got stuck in camel grass. Again and again. Then a flat tire... When asked "What happened?", they reply with a mournful smile, "What didn't happen?!" After being helped by two teams, they resumed the course, only to get stuck, many times, in a une patch of clay "as gluey as cement! A nightmare!".


Hoping that things would go better the following day, they spent the night in the desert and continued their efforts in the morning.  However, they arrived after the fateful hour of noon, closing time for the start of the leg. Although tired and disappointed, they have every intention to take part in the remaining legs. You can continue to follow their progress on our Website.



Video: the start of Leg 2 [French]

RALLYE NOTES 12:30 - First team out of the ranking


Team 134 (Julie GOLDSMAN and Isabelle GALARNEAU - TC Média) had a series of misadventures yesterday that prevented them from returning to the bivouac. The 2 disappointed Gazelles are on their way back after a night out in the desert; the team is Unranked because they were unable to start today's leg before the noon deadline... Which will not prevent them from pursuing the hunt for checkpoints right up to the end of the Rallye, if they wish. No chance at the podium but there is always good sportsmanship and the spirit of participation.




RALLYE NOTES 11:54 - Team 226 still in the running


11:54 A relief for Team 226 (Fabienne GALIDIE and Marilyne RIGNON - Gravity Partners Group): after a major transmission problem last night, their vehicle has just crossed the start line, just 6 minutes before the fateful hour of noon... Good job, mechanics!










08:00 Team 205 (Sophie FABRI and Céline PERONNE - Isuzu - L Indépendant - Handicap International) arrive at the bivouac after spending the night out in the desert. Sophie and Céline reached CP4 15 just minutes too late, in spite of their best efforts. "We tried to get back, but we kept getting stuck and at 9:30, we decided to stay there. We knew exactly where we were. We took the opportunity to sleep, really sleep."


08:30 Quebec Team 134 (Julie GOLDSMAN and Isabelle GALARNEAU - TC Média), who also spent the night off-bivouac, is still in the area of Zhaigui. The team has driven about 10 km and are now only 2 km from the paved road. 


09:45 Two teams seem to have strayed off course, and are somewhere between Er-Rachidia and Boutenib: Team 186 (Anne-Sophie DUBOS and Nadège SOUBE - Energy 3) and team 131 (Audrey VERVILLE and Marie-Soleil BEAUDOIN - Diesel Bec).


10:50 12 teams still appear to be having trouble in the dunes. Meanwhile, two thirds of the competitors are to found between CP3 and CP4.


11:00 So far, there have been two calls for mecanical assistance: Team 215 (Mélanie DANIEL and Delphine BERTRAND - Recycleurs Bretons) and Team 153 (Fanny-Flore BISSIELO-MOUKOUMBI and Marie-Gabrielle RAYIVO - Total)



6 o'clock: the Start


The first teams take their places in the early morning light. The atmosphere is calm and disciplined. Final checks, the race officials sign the road sheets. The first vehicles pull out in a thick cloud of dust. 


5 o'clock briefing: a well-rounded challenge


The intensity of the competition increases a notch with today's second leg. Another Nejjakkh-Nejjakkh loop, the route is difficult and provides plenty of challenges for both the driver and the navigator.
CP1 is not far from the bivouac but… it is in the dunes.
While the dunes may be slightly firmer in the cool of the early morning, they are always a challenge. The route will then take the teams through Erfoud, before leading them all to CP3. This common checkpoint marks the transition to a challenging stretch of hard, rocky terrain offering few landmarks, that will require a slow pace and meticulous work with the compass.


LEG 2 - Friday March 23

NEIJAKH / NEIJAKH - ideal distance 175 km – minimum time 10:30 - Looped route

On Welcome to the perfect navigation playground.

This leg requires skilled map reading to cross an immense plateau with no recognisable landmarks, where a few dromedaries are the only sign of life. The navigator will need to keep her eye glued to the compass. As for the pilot, she will need all of her skill and knowledge of the vehicle’s capacities to negotiate the rocky terrain. Speed is definitely excluded for any team wanting to go easy on their vehicle. Watch out for "cauliflowers"!!!

In short, the two Gazelles will work hard today… one last CP will lead the teams back to the bivouac, to rest up for the first marathon leg of this 22nd edition.