Results of the 1st Isuzu Media Relay Challenge


The first edition of the Isuzu Media Challenge was won by Team 184 - Marie Ménager and Natalia Dingé. All of the trucks competing in the Challenge were Isuzu D-Max. Since the trucks are the same, it is really the teams’ skills that count: navigation, driving, strategy… At the head of the pack right from the start, this year’s winners handled the competition like real pros. Marie, the pilot, is a photographer and this is her 4th participation; Natalia, the navigator, is a lawyer; this is her 2nd Rallye.

Some forty Isuzu vehicles took part in the competition this year. For this new challenge that bears its name, the Japanese manufacturer provided 13 D-Max pickups to teams associated with a media organization (television, radio or written press). In addition, Isuzu will present 15,000 Euros to the charity organization chosen by the winning team.

"At Isuzu, we have two lines: heavy-duty trucks and pickups. We need to make our image more feminine," explains Philippe Vallier, commercial director of Isuzu’s pickup division in France. "Isuzu is a Japanese company that is very attached to the human values qui promoted by the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles: ethics, mutual aid, ecology (it’s the only rally with ISO 14001 certification). We are also present at the Dakar but for other reasons. Through the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles we hope to reach a feminine target market. The Gazelles are excellent ambassadors, before, during and after the event!"

"We chose Medico Lions Club for two reasons"
, explains Natalia: "Because our sponsor Atol has already been working with them for some time on projects in Africa, including southern Morocco. And for their actions, which focus on providing surgical interventions for disadvantaged populations. Télé 7 jours is following us thanks to former Gazelle, Ludivine Sagnier."