Leg 3 - Saturday March 26th

NEIJAKH / NEIJAKH – ideal distance 201 km – estimated time 11:30 – Looped route

Now we get to the heart of the game: pure navigation.

The route meanders through the mountainous twists and turns of the "Hamada du GUIR" foothills. This leg requires skilled map reading to cross an immense plateau with no recognisable landmarks, where a few dromedaries are the only sign of life. The navigator will need to keep her eye glued to the compass. As for the pilot, she will need all of her skill and knowledge of the vehicle’s capacities to negotiate the rocky terrain. Speed is definitely excluded for any team wanting to go easy on their vehicle. Watch out for "cauliflowers"!!!
In short, the two Gazelles will work hard today… one last CP will lead the teams back to the bivouac, to rest up for tomorrow’s BIG DAY – Leg 4.