Daily Report

RACE NOTES 18:41 - Team 112 under repair

Team 112 (Sandrine RIDET and Celine BONO - SDIS 13) drove straight to the bivouac from CP3 this afternon after experiencing a problem with their vehicle. The team, which also had mechanical problems last year and the year before, accepts the situation with good humour. Sandrine, also known as "blonde", jokes with her teammate Céline, also known as "brune": "We drove at 25 km/h at the most, going downhill with the wind at our backs!" Difficult to finish the leg at that speed! However, they should be able to make up for it tomorrow, because the repairs "shouldn't be any problem", explains Patrice, member of the mechanics team.
Meanwhile the Race PC continues to follow the progress of this long leg, serving as a transition to the bivouac in Nejjakh: the first teams to have reached all 6 of today's checkpoints should soon be crossing the finish line at the new bivouac. To be continued...