HEART OF GAZELLES would like to thank:

TOTAL, Medical Caravan sponsor for the past 8 years, is a company which, in addition to its primary function as an energy provider, is firmly committed to its core values: respect for others, ethics and solidarity. TOTAL puts its trust and support in the Medical Caravan, in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Health, represented by the honourable Minister Yasmina Baddou; the Ministry for Family, Solidarity and Social Development, represented by the honourable Minister Nouzha Skalli; and the National Mutual Aid Office, represented by its Director, Dr. Talbi. THANK YOU to TOTAL ENERGY GROUP for its enduring commitment to the Medical Caravan.

As well as:

. The Moroccan Ministry of Health
. The Moroccan Ministry for Family, Solidarity and Social Development
. The Moroccan National Mutual Aid Office
. The Provincial Health and National Mutual Aid Delegations (Errachidia, Zagora and Tata)
. The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles
. Sanofi–Aventis Moocco
. Modern’Optique,  NIDEK and ESSILOR
. The Moroccan Diabetes Federation
. The Glaucoma Association
. The Tagounite Heritage, Culture and Civilization Association
. ALBASSAR Association
. KOTEBA Association
. The Eco-Caravan
. All of our volunteers (both medical and logistical)
. GreenWatchers