Daily Report

Verifications and departure from Sète

by Rallye-Aicha-des-Gazelles.

We can't wait to be in Morocco!

The Gazelles gradually reach the boarding dock of the imposing Comanav ferry, the Marrakech Express.
Participants and organizers line up their 4x4s, quads and trucks in the rectangles marked out on the ground, like the pieces of a giant colourful jigsaw puzzle...

Standing ovation

Sète native Caroline Perez and her teammate Régine Maitrel (Team 198 - Abysse Automobile) received a standing ovation from the crowd in Sète who turned out in support of their "own Gazelle"!

And the Gazelles know that this is just the beginning. Direction: the African continent!

Official departure from Sète

Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2010 #03
by Rallye-Aicha-des-Gazelles.

Sète - Technical and Administrative verifications

Gazelles 2010 #02
by Rallye-Aicha-des-Gazelles.

A colourful start to the Rallye

14:30 - Sète's Place Stalingrad starts to empty as the time for the official departure ceremony approaches. The teams head for nearby Quai Suchet a few at a time, where they line up to await the start of the big adventure...

Danièle Evenou, Patron of the 20th edition!

Danièle Evenou took part in the very second edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles in 1991. Who better to represent this special 20th anniversary edition?

19 years and two participations later, Danièle is still enthusiastic when it comes to discussing her experience or encouraging the competitors. And when she talks about the Rallye, it is with all of the passion and energy that we would expect from her: "This is the most wonderful experience I have ever lived".

...while outside, sunshine and music reign

As though to provide a foretaste of the North-African climate, a radiant sun shines down on the coastal city of Sète. On the program in Place Stalingrad: stickering of vehicles and photos for some, technical verifications for others...

Inside, it's a race... to finish the verifications!

Proudly sporting their new vests, arms full of large bags ready to be filled, the gazelles, like busy bees, are buzzing all over the school where the verifications are being held. They flit from room to room ll morning, carrying out administrative procedures and collecting gifts!

The town of Sète and its Toursm Office have been working for close to five months...

20th edition: a flavour all its own!

Much time has passed since 9 teams set out for the very first "Trophée des Gazelles". Exactly 20 years ago, the event that would become the "Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles" had just been born from a crazy idea: to create a rally just for women... for "Gazelles".
We owe this idea Dominique Serra, a woman of strong convictions whose audacity and determination have allowed the Rallye to become not only a recognised international event, but also a mouthpiece for the values it represents...

06:38 - first Gazelles briefing of 2010!

Palm trees, umbrella pines, the scent of iodine in the air... welcome to Sète!

Unlike last year, it is cold this morning in Sète. But the icy wind has no effect on the sense of excitement inside Ecole Victor Hugo. Dominique Serra, the event's creator and organizer, extends a warm welcome to her 2010 Gazelles as they enjoy an early-morning café au lait before the sun rises...