Speaking with the Gazelles

From the Lunch Room to the Desert

On the highway in the south of France, just two short weeks ago, the 4x4 belonging to Virginie et Caroline (Team 152), sponsored by children's clothing brand Du Pareil au Même, was as white as snow, decorated with its predominantly red stickers...

All pumped up

The "Sancerre Gazelles" (Christine is a wine-grower and they both live in France's Sancerre region) form Team 125 - Domaine Serge Laloue. For them, this is no trial run of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc. This is Claudine's 3rd Rallye, and Christine's 2nd...

Comments from the last leg

Emotion is running high for the Gazelles as they cross the finish line at the bivouac one last time. Here are some comments gleaned during the second 2-day marathon leg of this 20th anniversary edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles.

Feedback on the last two days of the race.

Poitiers (dis)connection!

Wednesday evening: the sandstorm has finally abated, but the occasional large gust of wind is still sweeping through. Ski masks on, Alexandra and Nathalie (Team 188), at checkpoint 5, are wondering if they should head for the Chegaga dunes this evening, or wait until tomorrow morning...