Speaking with the Gazelles

Le Rallye pour des Marocaines, c'est comment ?

For Canadians, Americans or Germans to come here and discover the desert... that is certainly an incredible experience. But what is it like for a team of Moroccan women? The answer from Team 176 (Sonia EL BAHRAOUI and Fatima-Zahrae EL ALLAMI - MEDITEL). One is a distribution manager, the other is an athlete and African tennis champion. Both are here, with the support of their sponsor, to show what women are capable of. But the two native Gazelles are having some surprises of their own: "We are really pleasantly surprised; there are things in our country that we had no idea about... there are such nice people; we tend to underestimate the richness of our own country...", attests Sonia, at the foot of the Erg Chebbi dunes. "With the Rallye, everything is organized in order for us to be able to discover this part of the country, in complete safety. The richness of the culture is emphasized through the competition; it is very positive".