Actions and results

• 4875 consultations provided to the local populations in 6 medical specialities.

277 suspicious cases were referred to hospitals in ERRACHIDIA, ZAGORA, TATA and OUARZAZATE, or teaching hospitals.

Thursday March 25 – sixth Leg – second day of the marathon

Nomad day. After spending a night camping in Najji on the edge of Erg Chagaga, we set out to meet the nomads who follow their herds from pasture to pasture. The tents were put up during the night, allowing us to begin consultations first thing in the morning during the inauguration of the Gazelles School by André Manoukian, who has come to give us his support.

Wednesday March 24 – Sixth Leg – first day of the marathon

Tagounite to Tafraoute
Tafraoute lies 2 hours west by trail from Tagounite. Here live a group of semi-sedentary nomads who grow grain and raise livestock.

Tuesday March 23 – Fifth Leg of the Rallye

After a detour along the Drâa, we leave Zagora for the Tinfou high school, where we are assisted by a medical team from the local area. The population is already steadfastly awaiting our arrival.

Monday March 22 – Fourth leg of the Rallye.

Close to the bivouac, less than an hour away by trail, the Medical Caravan pays a visit to Tissemoumine. This remote village is home to an extremely poor population. The medical and donations teams work without stopping in a small 3-room school.

Sunday March 21 – Third Leg – marathon, day 2

After a much-needed recuperative night's sleep, the team tackles the morning refreshed and with smiles on their faces. A group photo marks the occasion of this stay at Auberge de El Marech.
Departure for Fezzou, about 2 hours by trail. The various specialties set up in classrooms  provided for them in the local school.
Another routine day for the caravan, treating this dense population in need of medical care.

Saturday March 20 – Third Leg – marathon, day 1

First challenge after getting up at 05:00 this morning: folding the tent. Departure at 07:00 direction Tafroukh, a douar (tent village) 90 minutes from Rissani in the direction of Mcissi, half an hour from the paved road.
The Medical Caravan arrives at the same time as the inhabitants from the nearby communities, in trucks so full that some people are seated on the roof. The temperature climbs into the 30s. Once out of the 4x4, the children run to meet the team, greeting them with wide smiles.

Friday March 19th – Second Leg – Khemilia

A later start this morning; the 4x4s belonging to Heart of Gazelles leave at 07:30, heading northeast above the Erg of Merzouga.
A well sponsored by Suez just came into being in the middle of nowhere. The Heart of Gazelles team has come to visit the site. They have the pleasant surprise of seeing two nomad families leading their flocks of goats to the well, where they fill up their Jerricans.

Thursday March 18 – Start of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles and the Total / Heart of Gazelles Medical Caravan

The team is up at 05:00 and leaves at 06:45 for Taouz, an hour's drive by 4x4, where the Caravan is met at the village high school.

Wednesday March 17 - The Prologue

At the bivouac since yesterday evening, the medical caravan is together again with a new mission and new objectives.
Returning members are happy to see each other again, newcomers are welcomed with open arms and integrate easily into the team.

Franco-Moroccan Team 2010

Médecin Généraliste / Coordinatrice médicale

Médecin Généraliste Urgentiste

Françoise MERLING
Médecin Généraliste / Gynécologue

Médecin Urgentiste / Anesthésiste

Jean Pierre GARDAIR
Médecin Généraliste