Speaking with the Gazelles

Cath and Isabelle, Team 122

"Experienced Gazelles (4 and 5 time competitors), mad about rugby and Bobby Lapointe, seek generous sponsors for new attempt to win the Rallye". This could easily have been an ad placed by Cath and Isabelle of Team 122. While some are soaking up the sun at the back of the boat...

Christine and Delphine - Team 120

In the city, Christine and Delphine – Team 120 Greentech/Crédit Mutuel – are, respectively, a Sales Administrator for L'Oréal and a Chemist. In the desert, they are "Koukie and Doukie" (the names of the characters they represent in a comic strip dedicated to them), hyperactive gazelles at the wheel of a 29 year old Range Rover Classic.

Ysabelle and Caroline - Team 189

They work with the Paris real-time traffic information system, are sponsored by Coyote anti-radar, Mio GPS and G7 taxi and their vehicle is called "Navigo" (the name of the Ile de France transit pass): Ysabelle and Caroline – Team 189 should have no problem finding the CPs in the desert!

Where, oh where, is that CP?

They are set up at the small bar tables at the front of the boat. Two by two, hunched over obscure topographical maps, ruler in hand, a frown on their faces. Busy with their holiday homework, the Gazelles are not fooling around. To perform in the desert,  they need to find their way on paper first! Especially in light of the fact that binoculars, GPS and telephones are prohibited...

Patricia Naud-Cron and Nadia Fourno

It’s not easy to train together when one lives in Sicily and the other in France. But friendship can work wonders! Patricia Naud-Cron and Nadia Fourno – Team 157 – Le Pari des Gazelles/Banque Populaire de Bourgogne have known each other for years and are counting on their close complicity to get them through the dunes. “I’ve driven my 4WD on Mount Etna!” exclaims Patti. “And I’ve been driving a 4WD for a long time!” adds Nadia. No lounging about for these two highly motivated Gazelles, who are afraid of nothing...