Daily Report

Crossing the Mediterranean

One by one, the vehicles took their places on board the Comanav ferry. The event is off to a good start: on Saturday evening, the fleet left on time, 19:00 sharp! Cruising speed 30-35 km/h, calm seas, pleasant weather...

And they're off... en route to Morocco!

In his hands he holds a large green flag which he waves over the first vehicle.  
It is 16:00, the sun is sill high in the sky, and M. Mateu, president of the Sète CCI, just officially signalled the French start of the 19th edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles...

Preparations and Verifications

Since 7:00 they have been sticking, cutting out, screwing in, distributing material and checking the 80 vehicles present for the start in Sète. On this first day of the event, the organizers are cheerful as they tackle the verification marathon... and strict! Every stand has its specialization. Its leader. Its team of workers. A carefully calibrated organization, leaving nothing to chance, for the sake of safety and fairness... 

Installation of electronic equipment

The expert, Lionel UGOLINI. The kit, an Iritrack and a SARSAT beacon.
For this Rallye veteran, installing the tracking system is easy when you know how. “We fix the tracking box to a support in the vehicle, plug in the wires and add two antennas.” Simple, effective and essential to the security of the Gazelles, the Iritrack system allows the Organization to pinpoint their location throughout the Rallye. Thanks to the 2 antennas, GPS and telephone, the competitors can also be contacted at any time by the Organization. In the event of a serious problem, they can choose to call for assistance… at the price of several hundred kilometres in penalty points!

Enthusiastic reunions and a detailed briefing

Hey, you're back! Where's Kerosène, Tit Gris and Sarrasin? Is this your first time? You'll see, it's crazy! Hugs. Celebration. Applause. Inside jokes. Yesterday evening at the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Sète, reunions were in the air for the 162 members of the Organization present at the official start.

The Gazelles in numbers

Postal worker, beautician, air hostess, driver, painter, notary clerk, ski monitor, engineer, journalist, TV host, stay-at-home mom... They are between 22 and 67 years of age and from 13 different countries. Experienced pilots or complete novices, the 238 Gazelles are not all here for the same reasons...