Daily Report

Prologue: the Gazelles pass the test hands down!

Our Gazelles can be proud of themselves! On this first day of competition, a desert baptism for many, the outcome is largely positive. No major mechanical problems to fix this evening, and only six calls for assistance in getting out of the sand.
Three quarters of the teams succeeded in finding all three checkpoints (CPs) along today's route. The rest of the teams have until noon tomorrow to hand in their points sheet for the day.

Philippe Cura signals start of the Prologue

The start of the Prologue at the El Hazbane bivouac was given by French actor Philippe Cura of the TV series "Caméra Café". The Gazelles set out on 5 different, but equivalent, looped routes each with an ideal distance of 49 km. The top teams should be back at the bivouac after about 3 hours, after finding the 3 CPs.


Morning of Calibrations and Organizers Village

Meknès – Erfoud - El-Hazbane.
Warm winds, orange landscapes, Berber tents and a slight taste of dust in the mouth: there is no doubt about it, the Rallye village is definitely set up in the desert! At the morning's briefing, it is clear that the quiet morning is much appreciated. The night was short for some of the organizers, who left Meknès yesterday afternoon and drove late into the night to reach the El Hazbane bivouac. Along highway, road and then trail, through the varied landscapes that make up Morocco...