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 OCTOBER 10, 2015

Daily Report

Leg 6, 2nd marathon

A little speed never hurt anyone, right? Today the competitors let go to their heart's content on Lake Iriki. This immense expanse, with its mirages and looking like a vast sea, gave the Gazelles wings. In a cloud of dust, they were finally able to move into 5th gear after getting through an area of short and difficult dunes...

The Gazelles reach the bivouac

Whether climbing into the Ranking office to see the P'tits Gris or still behind the wheel of their 4WD, a glass of champagne in their hands, the feeling of joy is the same, just as powerful.
For these first arrivals at the bivouac this evening, the competition is over and done, whatever their performance. The temporary rankings will be available later tonight, the final official rankings tomorrow at noon.

The end is near, very near!

18:30 - The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc is coming to an end with the end of Leg 6. One by one, the 4WDs, quads and crossovers reach the camp. And the Gazelles head for the showers! The leaders arrived at 17:00, while most of the competitors are still out on the course. In a hurry to get to the bivouac but not to leave the Rallye, this evening the Gazelles will have "their" party. An unofficial but popular goodbye to the desert for the Gazelles who are now free of the pressure of "ranking" as they hit the dance floor at the Foum-Zguid bivouac...

The prize: the CP

The second team to find CP 2DS, Team 173 – Diane and Marie-Josée – didn't celebrate for long. After taking a run up to get to the top of the dune where the checkpoint was located, the duo found themselves stuck...

Marathon: the Gazelles want more!

Almost tired of the comfort and solace of the bivouac, many competitors are excited at the thought of today's leg. Aware of the challenges awaiting them during this leg, reputed to be the most difficult of the Rallye, the Gazelles are still smiling...