Speaking with the Gazelles

Josée and Emilie - Team 130 Desjardins

Josée Séguin and Emilie Robillard are tired. "It's a lot more challenging than we expected!" say the Gazelles from St-André-d'Argenteuil, Québec. After finding 5 of yesteday's 8 CPs, the two are in high spirits this morning. Will they tackle the legendary "X" CPs in the heart of the dunes? "Of course!"...

Marie-Hélène and Réjane - Team 181 Nudant Automobile

This morning in Erg Chebbi we encounter Marie-Hélène and Réjane Pennequin, Team 181 Nudant Automobile. The Gazelles are all smiles! They are "discovering" their Land Rover Defender. "It was already great in the rocks and on steep slopes, but here...It drives itself! Well, at the moment the sand is still firm. Maybe I won't be saying that in an hour when it will be warm and soft!"

Anne and Karine - Team 118 Maisons Familiales / Société Générale

Anne Moisand and Karine Denois Ract Gras, Team 118 Maisons Familiales / Société Générale are thrilled! This was their first time in the dunes, and the Gazelles had their fill of thrills. "We felt like we were surfing over snow like skiers. It's a great feeling. There are also moments when we freak out a bit: when we reach the top of a dune, we're not sure if we have enough speed to get over the top. There's a lot of stress-pleasure in this sport. Pure adrenalin!"

Sabine and Emilie - Team 156 Camusat

Were the fates working against Sabine Pouillart and Emilie Vedie, Team 156 Camusat this morning? Their Toyota Hilux got stuck near CP 3X in a sandy basin for several long minutes. Under the watchful eye of a dozen organizers and Gazelles, the competitors made repeated attempts before managing to pull themselves up out of the "bowl". Then, a new drama: the checkpoint they had been trying so hard to reach wasn't the one they were looking for! Did they have a nervous breakdown? "More like a huge laughing fit!" replies Emilie, heading back out to assault the dunes.