Speaking with the Gazelles

A Family Affair

Marlène and Julie Vidal make up Team 179 - IC Distribution in a Toyota HDJ 73. The mother is an executive secretary; her daughter, 22 years old, is a student. Interviewed while having battery problems in the middle of the desert on Leg 2, the two women admitted that it is not always easy to compete as a family in such a demanding sports event. "If you're with a friend, you can yell at each other, get worked up, say sorry... Here, I'm keeping a lot inside. But that's ok, I'm going easy on my daughter!" explains Marlène, all smiles. Julie is not complaining. When the going gets tough, it's good to able to count on your mother!

Team 126 - Spare Schocks!

A few days ago, Team 126 E.Leclerc were not pleased to discover, just minutes before the start of the leg, that both shock absorbers had given out. Panic on board, urgent consultation with the mechanics who often find the solution. Except that this time, it was just good luck that allowed Roselyne Exmelin and Isabelle Rinaldy to continue the event with nothing more than a brief delay.
Carefully stored in a case in the back of the Land Rover: the vehicle's original shocks, still in working order! No sooner said than done, they are back out on the course. "This is the only story we could think of to distinguish us from the others" jokes Isabelle, laughing. The gamble paid off: here you are on our website!