...André Manoukian

For the famous producer and judge on "Nouvelle Star", a women's rally was "a bit chic, with girls who want to play around".   Except that André Manoukian had never attended the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles. That done, his view of the competition, commitment and values of the Rallye has changed completely. Confessions on the beach in Essaouira, just moments after the official finish.

Visitors to the Rallye

French actors Yves Rénier, Jean-Marie Lamour and Philippe Caroit, actress Alexandra Fechner and French TV journalist Patrick Poivre d'Arvor arrived at the bivouac yesterday. They spent their first day of the Rallye in the dunes of Merzouga with the Gazelles.


...Pascal Gentil

Captain of the French Taekwondo team, Pascal Gentil, really wanted to leave with the Gazelles on this morning's leg. Holding tight to the green starter flag, he gave a real performance, energetically encouraging each vehicle as it waited at the start line: "They need to feel supported, all of them, that's important for them!" Entertainment bonus for the Gazelles: a bit of break dancing executed with style in the dust, at 6:00 in the morning...

... Philippe Cura

Philippe CURA has traded in his "driver of the boss" role in "Caméra Café" for a much more interesting job. For an hour, under a blazing sun, black suit relegated to the cupboard, the actor got to wave a flag. He had the honour of launching the Prologue of this 19th edition. His vision of the Rallye, Morocco and 4WD driving: